Zuranii clothing has been introduced as a versatile high-street wardrobe solution for young,
inspirational, and free-spirited girls willing to make a difference. The gap was identified by
Zurani Pvt ltd, when there is not much being offered in the clothing category. Our team’s
creativity and dedication have helped the brand grow in terms of the number of stores and
product categories. The brand that started off by selling pret alone is now offering various
product lines including unstitched and fashion accessories.
We present ourselves as a brand for the masses because our perception revolves around
the fact that fashion is for all. Each product category offers outfits that are chic yet practical,
topped with trendsetting silhouettes. With quirky designs and catchy color palettes, we
strive to inspire young girls to maintain positive self-expression and fear none while
following the latest trends.
Zuranii clothing now has a strong presence online and in the brick-and-mortar section. We
aim to continue growing by bringing in innovative ideas and creating a happy shopping
experience for everyone.